Virtual Classes

Blended Classes

All of our beautiful yoga classes are blended, meaning they run both in the studio and via live-streaming. We've been running blended classes for 3 years now and have it on lock, the quality is the best as we've refined the service to a standard we are proud to offer our community. Members have given us a ton of positive feedback for our superior online offerings.

Yoga Class for Virtual classes page

People who love this option:

  • those who prefer to tune in from the comfort of their home
  • those from further away; we have clients tuning in from all over the province and the country!
  • parents with young ones at home; they can still get some yoga in and participate in community while also caring for their family
  • those who love the flexibility this provides for their schedule: close to the studio, come by for class, can't make it in, join from home
  • those who can't quite get a full hour of practice in: pop into class online when you can and leave when you need to

How it works:

  • Register for a class in MindBody as per usual, selecting the 'virtual class' option
  • We will text you the zoom link before class so you have it in your hot little hands (we find our members like to have it in advance so it's not a concern, they are set!
  • Up to 15 minutes before the scheduled class, open the zoom meeting *You will be asked if you want to join with your camera on or off: you decide! We have lots of members who do both
  • One of our bad-ass teachers will greet everyone and then start class & mute all attendees (you can have an actual circus happening around you and still get your yoga on)

It's that easy. Join our beautiful online community, why not give it a try, your first class is free!

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